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Pascal Gloser | Host

As a nature lover and with a fine sense and feeling for wine I am allowed to live out my visions as a host at the Relais & Châteaux Hotel Krone Regensberg.

I live this inspiring adventure of hospitality and would like every guest to experience unique and unforgettable moments in this oasis. The quest for the better and the search for innovation motivates me to achieve all my goals.

The splendid Sun Fortress is inspired by the architecture of this beautiful region, with the colours of the stones and soils of the area blending into each other. Each suite is a unique place of tranquillity, where the comfort of the facilities is a wonderful contrast to the surroundings.

It is a special place for me, a place of attraction, peace and security.

Ale Mordasini | Head Chef

What is your signature ?
I keep our cuisine light and stylish. I like to play with acidity, herbs and fruits to bring freshness in dishes. And quality is always at the top of my mind.

What are your favourite products and criteria for choosing ?
Each time I can, I choose products from local producers in Switzerland and preferably in Regensberg. For some special occasion or if we want to surprise our guests with something special, we may seek some specific ingredients beyond our borders.

How would you define your cuisine ?
Switzerland is located right in the middle of Europe. We have a lot of influences from the different countries around. I love to mix Swiss traditional cuisine, Nordic influences for its pureness and Mediterranean influences for its freshness.

How did you become a Chef ?
It all started because I like to eat since I was a child. During school, I made several stopovers in restaurants where I felt very comfortable and my grandmother used to say that I will always have food and a warm place to stay if I become a Chef.