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be green

The Krone Regensberg is committed to acting in an environmentally conscious and sustainable manner. It is important for us to contribute to the preservation of the environment and the community of Regensberg. Thus, numerous measures are already implemented to minimize the ecological footprint of our hotel and restaurant. Our employees receive regular education so that we can all continue to value the environment in which we live.


An important aspect to sustainability throughout the Hotel and Restaurant Krone Regensberg is the reduction of energy consumption. We have already seen a reduction in electricity of up to 30% compared to the previous year.  Among other things, we rely on energy-efficient LED lighting and conscientious use of available resources. Both employees and guests are encouraged to save energy by switching off electrical appliances and light sources. For heating, we rely on an air / heat pump, which is CO2-free and heats the entire house.
Also for room cleaning we are environmentally friendly and rely on steam and no chemical cleaning agents. Both for the products we use for the cleaning of the entire house and for our external laundry, much emphasis is placed on the use of biodegradable detergents.
In the hotel rooms we are on the way to use refillable soap dispensers to reduce waste.
The Krone Regensberg has gone so digital that there is hardly any paper to be found anywhere in the hotel. Even our guest folders have recently gone digital on iPads in every single room. Both internal and external communication runs completely digitally with Microsoft Teams, which makes it very efficient.
Another big factor in maintaining a sustainability mindset is avoiding unnecessary waste in all areas. This can be seen, for example, in the use of many reusable items. Equally important to us is the strict separation of plastic waste throughout the hotel and restaurant, which is recycled.

We also focus on sustainability in the area of service. For example, our selected wines, some of which come directly from Regensberg from the winemaker Felix Weidmann, and the renunciation of overseas wines. In addition to the conscientious, professional and regularly trained handling of food, we also do not use tablecloths, but only cloth napkins in our restaurant, which not only saves costs, but also electricity and CO2. These are also cleaned with biodegradable cleaning agents.


We note an almost one hundred percent utilization of the entire product in the kitchen. The few food scraps that are left over are turned into biogas. Furthermore, we have reduced the use of fish and meat in our menus to such an extent and rely on lots of vegetables and vegetable proteins. We use mainly Swiss products, we work closely with local producers and farmers and we also go into the surrounding forests ourselves to look for products such as mushrooms, various flowers and herbs, and then process them in our kitchen.

Another important issue for us is the promotion of biodiversity. So, on the hotel property, a small garden has already been cultivated where, in addition to herbs, berries and fruits can be found. These are not only used by the kitchen and the service, but also provide a habitat for the native animal and plant species to grow. Because of this, we are currently also planning a project with a beekeeper to provide a habitat for our own bees in our garden in a timely manner.

The Krone Regensberg attaches great importance to supporting the local community. For example, we are involved in promoting environmental education in the region. This is also reflected in our desire for an electric vehicle to use as a hotel shuttle.

Our goal is to show not only our trained staff, but also our guests, that sustainable thinking can happen anytime, anywhere, and that together we can help to value our important resources and maintain them at the highest quality.